Marshall Government commits $3.2m to Aged Care Royal Commission

The Marshall Liberal Government has today announced it will commit $3.2 million to set up a SA Government response unit, solely focussed on the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

The additional funding of $3.2 million over 2 years will establish a central response unit to lead the SA Government’s response to the Royal Commission and provide the necessary legal advice and representation for SA Government agencies.

While the response unit has already commenced operations, this extra funding boost will ensure the South Australian Government’s response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety is timely, accurate and respectful.

Ms Chapman said that a coordinated whole of government approach was critical to support the important work of the Royal Commission, which will continue hearings in Adelaide this week.

“The Royal Commission current hearings are focusing on themes such as whether the current aged-care system is failing to meet community expectations, changing demographics and what that means for the aged-care system, clinical issues arising in caring for older people and how personal care is delivered,” Ms Chapman said.

“Over the coming months, it is expected the Royal Commission will seek further evidence from multiple SA government agencies and sites.

“The establishment of the Response Unit will ensure that consistent, accurate and relevant information is provided from all South Australian Government agencies and facilities in a timely manner to the Royal Commission.

“The work of this Royal Commission is far too important to the families and recipients of aged care services and to the broader community to be held up by red tape and so the South Australian government is putting measures in place to ensure we support the work of the Royal Commission.”

“The Marshall Government is committed to working closely with the Royal Commission. It is important we all work together so that the experiences of the Oakden families are never repeated,” Ms Chapman said.