Malinauskas stays silent

The State Liberals are demanding rookie Health Minister Peter Malinauskas initiates an audit of his ministerial office's records to get to the bottom of the latest child abuse scandal to hit the Weatherill Government.

"We need to know how the former Health Minister's office bungled the implementation of laws to enable recorded interviews with young children suspected to be victims of sexual or physical abuse to be admitted as evidence in criminal trials," said Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman.

"We need to know what steps were taken to inform the families of the victims of this latest failure by the Weatherill Government to protect vulnerable children.

"Minister Malinauskas would have been informed about this shocking bungle in his former role as Police Minister.

"Did Minister Malinauskas follow the spirit of the findings of the Debelle Inquiry into the sexual abuse of children at a western suburbs school and immediately inform the families of the affected children?

"The fact that the Premier, Attorney-General, Health Minister or Police Minister concealed this matter for more than a month suggests the families were once again kept in the dark.

"The Weatherill Government has a long history of attempting to conceal its own appalling mistakes."

Amongst the scandals the Weatherill Government tried to conceal are:

  • The child sexual abuse scandal at a western suburbs school;
  • The chemotherapy bungle;
  • The patient record scandal;
  • The SA Pathology prostate cancer scandal

"The Weatherill Government's reflex response to scandals is to try to conceal them," said Ms Chapman.

"Attorney-General John Rau revealed on ABC radio yesterday morning that he became aware of this latest scandal on August the 21st.

"Why did South Australians have to wait for a month for the Weatherill Government to admit it had once again failed vulnerable children?"