Liberals support move to establish Gillman investigation

The State Liberals have supported a move to establish a Parliamentary inquiry into the Weatherill Labor Government’s decision to sell 400Ha of land at Gillman to a private consortium without offering the land via public sale.

On 23 December last year it was announced that the State Government had signed an agreement with Adelaide Capital Partners (ACP) to sell 400Ha of the former Multi-Function Polis site at Gillman

The deal was entered into just two weeks after the State Government’s development agency, Renewal SA, had published a draft master plan for the same land and members of the Renewal SA Board had voted against the ACP deal.

Shadow Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Vickie Chapman, said the Weatherill Labor Government’s actions regarding the Gillman deal required further scrutiny.

“The actions of Premier Weatherill and Minister Koutsantonis may not have resulted in the best outcome for South Australia,” said Ms Chapman.

“If established, the parliamentary inquiry will investigate whether Premier Weather and Minister Koutsantonis followed proper process and whether the deal they struck was the best outcome for South Australia.”

If established, the Select Committee of Inquiry into the sale of State Government owned land at Gillman will: 

Hear evidence from expert witnesses and the key players involved with the ACP deal; 

Review the actions of Premier Weatherill and Minister Koutsantonis; 

Examine the valuation process used to analysis the ACP bid; and, 

Investigate the role of lobbyists in the ACP deal;

“South Australians need to know whether this deal was in their best interests,” said Ms Chapman.