Liberals support aged care surveillance

The State Liberals support introducing surveillance of aged care facilities and are calling for legislation to enable this to occur to be debated as soon as possible. 

Footage released last night revealing the abuse suffered by an elderly man at a residential care facility is abhorrent and disgusting.

“The majority of our aged care workers do a wonderful job caring for elderly South Australians,” said Shadow Attorney General Vickie Chapman.

“However, it is clear that we need to introduce legislation to allow surveillance devices to be used to help prevent the abuse of vulnerable South Australians.

“Aged care facilities are homes for many South Australians.

“It is appalling and disgusting to think that elderly South Australians are essentially being abused in their own homes, and it must be stopped.”

The Surveillance Devices Act 2016 allows for the publication and use of covert raw footage as evidence if established to be in the public interest.

The State Liberals want to ensure that frail, aged persons can protect themselves and be able to install video equipment in property owned by someone else. This would include the consent of a Guardian on behalf of that person.