Liberals secure constitutional reform on Electoral Boundaries

Liberal legislation to improve the operation of the South Australian Constitution has passed State Parliament.

Following the passage of the Constitution (Electoral Redistribution) (Appeals) Bill 2017 any person with an interest, or a registrered political party, will now be able to make an appeal to an Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (EDBC) decision of the Full Court.

The Liberal Bill was based on a direct recommendation contained in Chief Justice Kourakis’ judgment in the recent Labor Party appeal to the Electoral Boundaries Commission decision.

The Chief Justice pointed out in his judgment that currently only an “elector” may be an appellant to a boundaries decision in the Full Court, forcing the State Director of a party to lodge an appeal.

The order from the EDBC, dated 7 December 2016, was appealed by Labor State Director Reggie Martin to the Full Court of the Supreme Court on 10 March 2017.

The Full Court dismissed this challenge finding the electoral boundaries should stand as provided by the EDBC in 2016, and confirms that the State Government should be formed by the party that recieves more than 50 per cent of the twp part preferred vote.

“The Chief Justice’s judgement ensures electoral fairness for South Australians,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“This Bill follows the recommendation from the Chief Justice and provides further power to any interested party to be able to make an appeal.”