Liberals push for interim home detention measures

The State Liberals are calling on Attorney-General John Rau to immediately change South
Australia’s soft home detention system instead of waiting for State Parliament to resume
next year.

Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman wants Mr Rau to issue a Ministerial Guideline to
limit the activities of criminals on home detention and require detainees to spend a minimum
of twelve hours at home per day.

Mr Rau has put forward legislation to change the home detention system but that won’t be
debated or approved until Parliament resumes in February.

“South Australians want the home detention system cleaned up and they shouldn’t have to
wait until February for that to happen,” said Ms Chapman.

“Mr Rau has the power to restrict home detention and he needs to use that power.”
Home detention laws have been in the spotlight after convicted fraudster Lindsay Bassani
applied to have his monitoring anklet removed while playing football and wanted to run a 24-
hour gym while on home detention.

“Home detention is not an opportunity for convicted criminals to play recreational sport and
be out of home at all hours,” said Ms Chapman.

“It is a sentencing option that needs to be taken seriously.
Ms Chapman said that while the State Government’s proposed legislative changes to the
home detention system were a step in the right direction they do not go far enough.

“The legislation that Mr Rau has put forward does not go far enough to ensure home
detention is applied in the correct manner, and does not provide a definition of remunerative
employment for home detention officers to make a decision on each detainee case.”