Liberals introduce legislation to strengthen ICAC

Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman will introduce legislation to Parliament today to improve South Australia’s ICAC following recommendations from ICAC Commissioner Bruce Lander. 

The Liberals’ amendments to the ICAC Bill: 

a. Provide for powers of an inquiry be held directly under the ICAC Act, thereby utilising the powers of a Royal Commission; 

b. Amend the report making power; 

c. Extend the power to inquiry into potential maladministration; and, 

d. Permit public scrutiny of the evidence when in the public interest (public hearings).  

In his report into the Gillman land sale, Mr Lander noted:  “I intend to write to the South Australian Parliament Crime and Public Integrity Policy Committee recommending that consideration be given to amending the ICAC Act to permit the holding of public hearings in respect of inquiries into potential maladministration in public administration, when it is considered that it is in the public interest to do so.”  

“A strong ICAC goes hand in hand with ensuring that the government is honest, transparent and accountable,” said Ms Chapman.  

“The State Liberals have long championed for public ICAC hearings.  

“It’s now up to the Weatherill Labor Government to support these amendments to ensure that South Australia has the most strong, effective ICAC possible.  

“It will be difficult for the Weatherill Labor Government to not support the Bill, given that these improvements have also been suggested by ICAC Commissioner Bruce Lander.  

“If the Government fails to support this Bill, they will stand condemned for failing to practise transparent and accountable governance.”