Laws enabling redress scheme begin operation

Laws enabling South Australia’s participation in the National Redress Scheme have now come into effect, allowing non-government institutions to register to take part and people to lodge applications relating to South Australian organisations.

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman said the commencement of the laws was a significant step forward for people wishing to seek redress from South Australian institutions.

“The fact that these laws are now in effect means that national non-government institutions, like religious institutions and independent schools that operated in South Australia can now formally take part in the scheme, and of course provide support to individuals who suffered sexual abuse while in their care,” Ms Chapman said.

“Once an institution has been declared a ‘participating institution’, the Commonwealth will be able to assess applications made relating to that organisation, with redress to be paid for those eligible.

Attorney-General Chapman said the Government is preparing government-run institutions that would participate in the scheme to be ready on the state-wide commencement date of 1 February 2019.

“When the Premier opted into this important Scheme, we put a clear date in the calendar to ensure that within a year of forming Government, the full scheme would be commenced in SA.

“A considerable amount of work has been done to identify former and current schools, hospitals, children’s homes, hostels and other agencies providing services to children to ensure that when we are ready to declare, we can respond effectively to requests for information about applications made to the Scheme involving State government institutions,” Ms Chapman said.

Ms Chapman said the Government will fully commence the Scheme, with Government agencies declared, in February 2019.

“I will be meeting with my interstate colleagues in the coming weeks to discuss the finer details of the scheme to ensure that as a Government, SA is in the best position to provide redress to survivors.”

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