Labor Party back in criminals to vote

Convicted sex offenders, serious drug offenders, and rapists will all be able to vote at the next State election in 2022 thanks to Peter Malinauskas and the Labor Party.

After three deadlock meetings, the Labor Party has decided to back criminals in their right to vote, a move completely inconsistent with Federal election laws.

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman, made a final pitch to the Labor Opposition yesterday during a deadlock conference but unfortunately the Labor Party would not budge.

“What is abundantly clear to me is that the Labor Party are backing in serious criminals to vote at the next State election, a privilege which is afforded to law-abiding citizens.

“Because of the Labor Party’s intransigence, convicted sex offenders such as Vivian Deboo will be able to vote at the next State Election in 2022 but unable to vote in this year’s Federal election.

“Mr Malinauskas and the Labor Party have to explain why they are allowing offenders convicted of manslaughter, criminal neglect, rape, unlawful sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 14, arson, and serious drug offences, depending on what sentence they are given, the right to vote.”

Under the Marshall Government’s proposed changes to prisoner voting, criminals serving a sentence of three years or more will not be able to vote at the next State election, in line with the laws that apply at Commonwealth level.

“We strongly believe that people who commit serious crimes should not be allowed to vote for the duration of their sentence,” Ms Chapman said.

Under the proposed original legislation by the Marshall Liberal Government, the laws would also apply to:

  • People serving a sentence of three years or more on home detention
  • People who have been detained on the basis that they are unable to control their sexual instincts
  • People who are subject to a continuing detention order because they have been deemed as high-risk offenders.

Individual’s voting rights would be restored when the term of imprisonment ends.