Labor must reveal Festival Plaza closure plans

The State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Labor Government to explain what closures will occur during construction of the new Festival Plaza. 

“The State Liberals are concerned that South Australians haven’t been fully informed on what closures will need to occur during construction of the Festival Plaza,” said Shadow Minister for Housing and Urban Development Vickie Chapman.

“It’s no good telling people a week before any closures are going to put in place we need to know now so that proper planning for the closures can occur.”

The Weatherill Labor Government has a poor history of delivering projects on time, on budget and without controversy.

In Budget Estimates, the Auditor-General revealed that he was investigating the Festival Plaza project.

“We await the Auditor-General’s report on this controversial deal with interest,” said Ms Chapman.

“The State Liberals are also concerned that the Weatherill Labor Government will not use Australian steel in the construction of the upgraded Plaza.

“The Festival Plaza development will be on public land and will involve public money – it must use Australian steel.

“We have heard a lot of talk from Tom Koutsantonis and Stephen Mullighan when it comes to using Whyalla steel but this project doesn’t rate a mention.”