Labor must release O-Bahn analysis

The State Liberals have called on Transport Minister Mullighan to prove that the proposed $160 million O-Bahn tunnel will deliver greater benefits than the $61 million O-Bahn extension that Labor promised just three years ago.

In 2011 the State Labor Government proposed a $61 million O-Bahn city access project that it claimed would deliver an “eight minute peak journey time saving”.

According to current State Labor Government plans the $160 million O-Bahn tunnel announced by the Premier in February this year will save O-Bahn users “at least four minutes”.

“The State Liberals support improving O-Bahn services but we want to ensure taxpayers are getting value for money and there are some big question marks surrounding this project,” said Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Vickie Chapman.

“Minister Mullighan needs to explain how the current $160 million project stacks up given it is estimated to cost nearly three times as much as the original plan and will not deliver the same time saving.

“If a robust cost-benefit analysis of this project has been prepared then Minister Mullighan should release it.”

Ms Chapman said the State Labor Government had a track record of cost blowouts and choosing unnecessarily expensive options.

“Poor decisions made by Premier Weatherill and his Labor Government such as unnecessarily doubling the size of the $1.8 billion desal plant have placed a massive financial burden on our State.

“The reason South Australia’s finances are in such a mess is that we have a government that does not understand there is not a never-ending stream of money.

“While Premier Weatherill and Treasurer Koutsantonis want to keep putting their hands further into the pockets of South Australians, I would prefer to see existing revenue spent more effectively.”