Labor must commit to funding short-term infrastructure priorities in State Budget

The Weatherill Labor Government must commit to funding infrastructure projects that were listed as short-term priorities in the 2013 Transport Plan in this week’s State Budget.

In its 2013 Transport Plan, the Weatherill Labor Government committed to a number of short-term infrastructure priorities, including:

CityLINK – a continuous tram loop around the CBD;

PortLINK – conversion of the Outer Harbor train line to deliver a new tram service to Outer Harbor and Grange and construct a new tram line to West Lakes and Semaphore; and,

Complete the electrification of the entire corridor Gawler train line in the short term.

“Unfortunately for South Australians, the Weatherill Labor Government has form in promising one thing before an election and breaking that promise afterwards,” said Shadow Minister for Infrastructure Vickie Chapman.

“Before the 2014 State Election the Government plastered billboards and bus stops with pictures of trams.

“Premier Weatherill and his Labor colleagues must demonstrate that they are committed to delivering projects, such as the CityLINK and PortLINK, by providing funding for them in this week’s State Budget.

“The Weatherill Labor Government made these short-term infrastructure promises almost two years ago.

“The Government now need to put its money where its mouth is and actually commit some funding towards these infrastructure projects.

“The importance of the Government investing in employment-generating infrastructure projects can also not be understated, given our State’s ever-increasing unemployment rate.”