Labor backs down on drug dealer asset laws

The Weatherill Labor Government has finally accepted that the asset confiscation and exemption process for convicted drug offenders is to be undertaken by a court and not by an unreviewable decision of DPP. 

The Bill, amended by the State Liberals and Independents, passed Parliament today.

Over the past three years, the Weatherill Labor Government has tried to introduce a new and novel model and refused to follow the tried, tested and effective model that operates in WA and NT.

Additionally, the proceeds of this new law will now be paid into a dedicated fund for rehabilitation programs and support for both victims and offenders, and not be used to prop up the Treasurer’s budget.

All other confiscated proceeds of crime are paid to the victims of crime fund but the Weatherill Labor Government had wanted these monies to go into general revenue.

“The State Liberals and Independents fought hard for this outcome and at last common sense has prevailed,” said Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman.