Kris Hanna’s 4th political fling

Marion Mayor Kris Hanna’s decision to run for SA Best in the seat of Gibson at the March state election confirms SA Best is a party of political opportunists who can’t be trusted.

“Kris Hanna started his political career as a member of the Labor Left, moved even further to the Left when he joined the Greens, then became a Left-wing independent and is now standing for SA Best,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Having previously publicly supported the capping of council rates Kris Hanna is now standing for a party that doesn’t support rate capping.

“Kris Hanna will also have to oppose the extension of shopping hours at the Westfield Shopping Centre and the job opportunities that would create for local kids in the Marion area.

“Kris Hanna’s many and varied political allegiances highlight just how dangerous a vote for SA Best is.

“If SA Best can accommodate a long standing Left-wing warrior like Kris Hanna then its claim to be a party of the political centre is clearly nonsense.

“What South Australians should be asking themselves is why Nick Xenophon refuses to rule out handing Jay Weatherill a further term in office.

“Nick Xenophon acknowledges that the Weatherill Labor Government has done a woeful job running South Australia but he is still willing to extend their time in office to 20 years.

“After 16 years in office the Labor Government is solely responsible for the condition of South Australia.

“Only Nick Xenophon can extend the life of this tired, arrogant and out-of-touch Labor Government.”