Keeping SA’s supermarket shelves stocked

Food and supplies can once again be delivered to South Australian supermarkets around the clock, with emergency measures reinstated today.

The regulation variation will ensure shelves remain stocked during the current lockdown and beyond, helping to meet increased demand and prevent supply chain delays.

Minister for Planning and Local Government Vickie Chapman said the changes will give South Australians confidence that their grocery and supermarket needs will be met during this challenging period.

“When the pandemic hit at the start of last year, we saw supermarket shelves stripped bare as people rushed to stock up on the essentials,” Minister Chapman said.

“This put immense pressure on the supply chain and delivery drivers, who rushed to get food and goods back on the shelves.

“The Government responded then, as it is now, to ease the delivery time limits, enabling around the clock deliveries.

“It means South Australians can have complete confidence that all of your essential supermarket needs are being restocked regularly and in a timely manner,” she said.

This variation was initially introduced in March 2020, and has since been extended twice due to industry demand.

The regulatory controls will now be reinstated until September 2021, unless an earlier date is designated by the Minister for Planning and Local Government.

The Australian Logistic Council welcomed the reinstatement, saying grocery delivery drivers are feeling the pinch as lockdowns continue across the country.

“Freight drivers are under enormous pressure as a result of snap lockdowns and increased demand,” ALC Interim CEO, Rachel Smith said.

“Lifting of delivery curfews is a necessary step in alleviating pressure in the supply chain.

“Freight and Logistics workers are the unsung heroes of the pandemic, providing essential groceries and goods to vulnerable communities and those that need it most.

“It is heartening to see the SA Government acknowledging their importance in supporting local communities,” she said.