Justices of the Peace


I rise to indicate that I propose to move an amendment to the motion. I move:

Delete paragraphs (b) and (c) and insert:

(b) note the Attorney-General provides a certificate upon resignation after 20 or more years of service and upon reaching 50 years of service.

In doing so, I firstly thank the member for introducing this motion to recognise the important work of our justices of the peace. Presently, unlike a number of other states, we give quite a lot of recognition to those who are serving, during the course of their service. Firstly, upon the resignation of any JP at any time after a day's service or 80 years of service, they get a letter from the registrar of justices of the peace services thanking them for their contribution. Additionally, the Attorney-General provides a certificate upon resignation, where there has been 20 or more years of service. It is a very different process of receiving a certificate, irrespective of whether they are continuing service at 50 years of service, so there is quite a lot of recognition.

Secondly, I should inform the house that the Royal Association of Justices of SA recognises JPs who have been members of the association, and they obviously give that recognition. We also, by statute, allow retiring JPs, who have provided more than 20 years of service, the right to maintain their post-nominal title 'JP (Retired)', which you might sometimes see on a person's card or website. I also remind members that the Premier's Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Volunteer Service often attracts retired or long serving justices of the peace for the work they do.

I would ask that the motion be amended to recognise those two areas of service. I am advised that the extra round of certificates or recognition that is being sought would be fairly costly. I am advised that, if this was done automatically at 25 years, around 3,000 certificates would be prepared and mailed out and cost some $12,000. That is not in any way to be measured against the invaluable work they do, but I just make the point that we are doing it at essentially 20 and 50 years, and we would like that to be acknowledged.

Thank you very much to the member for bringing it to the attention of the house. I would urge all members, with the amendment, to support the motion.