Increasing political donation transparency

Laws introduced to State Parliament this week will increase transparency around political donations.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said the laws acted on recommendations made by the State’s Electoral Commissioner and would strengthen his investigative powers while also ensuring requirements around disclosure are both rigorous and workable.

“We want to ensure our donation disclosure laws are robust, yet manageable,” Attorney-General Chapman said.

“This is about ensuring the laws are as simple as they can be, while allowing the public to access the information they would expect around donations to political parties, associated entities and third parties.

“In addition, these changes would see political parties, third parties, candidates and groups limited to one State campaign account, and money sent directly to those accounts cannot be used for matters associated with Federal elections.

“The powers of authorised officers – such as the Electoral Commissioner and his staff – are also being strengthened, with candidates and groups of candidates now required to disclose information related to compliance with the funding and disclosure scheme upon request of the authorised officer.

“This requirement previously only applied to registered political parties, third parties and associated entities and their agents.

“We have also removed requirements that had effectively led to double-reporting, to help streamline the process.”
Attorney-General Chapman said the moves would improve transparency around political donations.

“We are committed to strengthening our democracy, and a key part of that is ensuring the public has access to clear information around who is donating to political candidates or parties,” she said.

“This will help fulfil this goal, while also ensuring that reporting processes are not unnecessarily cumbersome for candidates, parties and donors.”