Improving SA’s electoral system

Moves to modernise South Australia’s election laws have been introduced to State Parliament, with the Government seeking to allow for more flexible pre-poll voting and other measures to strengthen the democratic process.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said the Bill was developed in response to the Electoral Commissioner’s Report into the 2018 state election.

“We need to always look to how we can improve the electoral process, to ensure our polling processes remain fair, accessible and democratic,” Attorney-General Chapman said.

“The measures proposed here will support more accessible pre-poll voting and give the Electoral Commissioner greater autonomy where pre-poll booths are established.”

Under the new Bill:

  • The Electoral Commissioner would be able to establish pre-poll booths anywhere in South Australia up to 12 days before the election
  • Pre-poll votes could be counted before the close of polls in certain circumstances, ensuring fewer delays in finalising the results
  • Candidates could lodge nomination information, voting tickets, how to vote cards and other information online
  • Voters could apply for postal ballots either by phone or online
  • Strengthened assisted voting supports for people with a disability
  • Overseas voters would be able to use telephone-assisted voting

“These measures will keep South Australia in line with other jurisdictions and ensure we continue to have a modern, effective electoral system,” Attorney-General Chapman said.