Home Detention Comes Under the Spotlight

State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Government to tighten the rules around home
detention for prisoners when Parliament resumes next week.

The Weatherill Government failed to tighten restrictions regarding home detention when it
introduced the Sentencing Bill 2016 in November last year despite a growing furore about its

“Allowing prisoners on home detention to work any time they like and giving them
unrestricted access to community sport makes a mockery of the punishment they are
receiving for breaking the law,” said Shadow Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman.

“Home detention should only be used in a limited number of circumstances and under very
strict conditions.

“There needs to be far greater guidance as to who should be eligible for home detention and
what is and isn’t appropriate regarding activities outside the home.

“The home detention terms and conditions are currently set by the home detention officer,
which is inappropriate given how many detainees the officers must deal with.

“We must alleviate the pressure put on home detention officers to manage the terms and
conditions of every detainee. It is simply unfair and unrealistic for this task to be managed
with such broad guidelines.

“State Liberals acknowledge home detention is a viable sentencing option, however we need
legislation setting out what type of employment is suitable and how many hours a day a
home detention detainee should be out of their home.

“The Weatherill Government needs to tighten up the rules around home detention or the
Liberals will introduce amendments to achieve that outcome.”