Have your say on the Riverbank Precinct Code Amendment

Planning changes aimed at supporting the State Government’s vision for a world-class health, sporting, educational and biomedical Riverbank Precinct will open for public consultation this week.

Minister for Planning and Local Government Vickie Chapman said the community is being urged to have its say on the proposed changes, which would ensure all future development in the precinct is well managed, considered and supported.

“The Riverbank Precinct is an integral part of Adelaide’s identity, and a major contributor to its overall vibrancy,” Minister Chapman said.

“These proposed changes would ensure any future development, such as the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital, is well-managed, consistent and in keeping with the surrounding areas.

“As Australia’s most liveable city, we owe it to our children, and children’s children, to lay down the framework necessary to protect and enhance this iconic precinct.

“The proposed changes will also help ensure our sporting, health, cultural, environmental and educational facilities are easy to access and well connected,” she said.

Consultation will open on Wednesday September 15, 2021 and run for six weeks (closing on October 27, 2021).

Key features of the proposed Riverbank Precinct Code Amendment include:

  • Rezoning land west of the Royal Adelaide Hospital from the Adelaide Park Lands Zone to City Riverbank Zone (Health Subzone) to support the development of the  new Women’s and Children’s Hospital.
  • Rezoning land west of Montefiore Rd from Adelaide Park Lands Zone to City Riverbank Zone (Entertainment Subzone) and a portion of land already in City Riverbank Zone from Health Subzone to Entertainment Subzone. This will support the development of entertainment-related uses, such as an arena.
  • Rezoning land near and on which the Adelaide Botanic High School currently sits, from Adelaide Park Lands Zone to City Riverbank Zone (Innovation Subzone), to better reflect current use.
  • Applying a new Riverbank Subzone in the Adelaide Park Lands Zone to the southern and northern side of the River Torrens in the location between Kintore Avenue and the Torrens Weir to accommodate small-scale development such as cafes and shops (both on-water and off-water) that contributes to the activation of the riverfront, in a way that protects the open landscaped character and heritage values of Elder Park.
  • Policy changes to support connections and linkages throughout the precinct.
  • Policy changes to support development of high quality and amenity.

The proposed Code Amendment and supporting documents will be available on the PlanSA website from Wednesday September 15, 2021.