Has SA-BEST senate staffer resigned yet? 2.0

SA-BEST senate staffer Nick Xenophon publicly stated three weeks ago that he would resign from his taxpayer funded job in ‘a couple of weeks’.

Interviewer: Okay … what’s the terms of your contract, it lasts from now until when and what are your required hours, when do you have to turn up to work, Nick Xenophon?) Mr Xenophon: The hours noted are from about nine ‘til one but in fact I’ll be doing much more than that, I was on the phone to Rex this morning very early as I was yesterday.
- ABC Radio Adelaide, 16 November 2017

Mr Xenophon this morning attended the Norwood Morialta High School Year 10 graduation in Hartley. If he hasn’t resigned, why is he attending such an event during the hours he is meant to be working as a Senate staffer?

Has Mr Xenophon resigned?