Government must release Ice Taskforce Report

The State Liberals are demanding embattled Minister for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Leesa Vlahos immediately release the Ice Taskforce report that was due at the beginning of May.

“Minister Vlahos’ well documented problems in respect of the Oakden scandal is no excuse for her dropping the ball on her other ministerial responsibilities,” said Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman.

“The ice epidemic is tearing families and communities apart and it is critical the State Government develops a comprehensive strategy to deal with it.

“I hope the Minister isn’t repeating the mistakes she made with the Oakden report and waiting for the Department to tell her what to think about the Ice Taskforce report.

“The Minister should be arguing for the funding of a secure therapeutic facility for children addicted to ice in this year’s State Budget.

“The Weatherill Government has already blocked legislation that would have allowed parents, police and child protection officers to apply to a court for mandatory treatment orders for a child addicted to illicit drugs.

“The Controlled Substances (Youth Treatment Orders) Amendment Bill would have led to the establishment of a vital facility for the treatment of young people struggling with drug addiction.

“South Australia desperately needs a secure therapeutic centre where children addicted to ice and other highly destructive illegal drugs can be sent for treatment, before they are lost to a life of misery and crime.

“The treatment needs to be mandatory because many young addicts refuse to believe they even have a problem, let alone that they are putting themselves in immense danger and are in need of medical treatment.

“It’s unacceptable that Minister Vlahos has refused to release report promised for May.

“If the Minister is unable to carry out her responsibilities as Substance Abuse Minister because of the Oakden scandal engulfing her, then she should step aside.”