Government must not hand over Gillman land until ICAC Report is public

The State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Labor Government to not hand over land at Gillman to ACP before the ICAC Report is made public.

ICAC Commissioner Bruce Lander has said that the ICAC investigation into the Gillman land deal will be finalised in the coming weeks. A report will subsequently be made public.  

“The Weatherill Labor Government must not hand over this land until the ICAC investigation has been finalised and the report has been made public,” said Shadow Infrastructure Minister Vickie Chapman.  

“It would be outrageous to do otherwise.  

“This is public land and South Australians deserve to know the findings of the ICAC investigation. 

“The Weatherill Labor Government’s handling of this deal has been a farce from the start.  

“There are still more questions than answers about this deal and the Weatherill Labor Government owes it to South Australians to be open and transparent about this public land. 

“It is important that the Government waits for the outcome of the ICAC investigation before any further steps towards transferring the land are taken.”