Government labouring child protection reforms

The State Liberals have labelled the Weatherill Government’s formal acceptance of just 38 of the Nyland Royal Commission’s 260 recommendations on child protection as totally negligent. 

Minister for Education and Child Protection Susan Close admitted yesterday that the Labor Government had accepted only 38 of the recommendations for initial implementation.

“The Minister must now detail which of Commissioner Nyland’s recommendations have been accepted by the Labor Government and which are languishing,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“The Weatherill Government has clearly been moving at a snail’s pace since receiving the Royal Commissioner’s full report more than five weeks ago.

“It’s worth remembering that Jay Weatherill sat on the Royal Commission Report for three days when he first received it.

“Jay Weatherill also missed Commissioner Nyland’s first deadline in her interim report to remove Child Protection from the Education Department before the final report was issued.

“That recommendation was made 12 weeks ago yet Child Protection still languishes in the Education Department, under the control of two Ministers and without a CEO.

“There’s a pattern in how successive Labor Governments have responded to recommendations of inquiries into child protection. After all South Australia still lacks a Children’s Commissioner.

“The State Government established a Royal Commission Response Unit under the direction of the Attorney General at the cost of a $1 million dollars. What have they been doing?”