Gillman land deal two year anniversary

Today marks two years since Premier Jay Weatherill signed the Gillman land deal which has failed to create a single job.

In December 2013 Mr Weatherill signed the deal which gave private developer Adelaide Capital Partners exclusive access to 400 hectares of public land at Gillman for industrial development.  

To date no development has occurred at the site and the State Government has not received any payment for the land.  

However, the structure of the deal signed by Mr Weatherill means that despite the failure to develop the land or create jobs the land cannot be sold to anyone else until at least 2024.  

Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman said the deal had turned out to be a dog of a deal that would haunt Mr Weatherill and his Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis for the rest of their days in office.  

“It’s been two years and none of the 6,000 jobs Jay Weatherill and Tom Koutsantonis promised have been delivered,” said Ms Chapman.  

“Even more embarrassing for Mr Weatherill is that South Australia still has not received a single dollar for the land.  

“The Gillman land deal was a dog of a deal for South Australians.  

“Mr Weatherill needs to explain when the oil and gas hub and accompanying 6,000 jobs that he promised will be delivered.  

“South Australians are angry about this dog of a deal which will haunt Mr Weatherill and Mr Koutsantonis for the rest of their time in office.”  

Gillman land deal facts:  
- The deal was investigated and criticised by the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption who found maladministration had occurred; 

- The deal was investigated by the Auditor-General who found relevant information was not provided to Cabinet when considering the matter; 

- Two Supreme Court judges have described the deal as “unlawful” and “irrational”; 

- A High Court challenge is pending with a hearing set for early 2016.