Gillman land deal – still no answers or money

In State Parliament yesterday the Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Stephen Mullighan, was unable to shed any light on the Weatherill Labor Government’s controversial Gillman land deal contract.

When the Minister was asked if he could confirm whether the Government had received the first $45 million due under its contract with Adelaide Capital Partners, he stated:  

“My understanding is that it has not yet been executed.” (Hansard, 23/02/2016) 

Further, the Minister wasn’t able to provide a future date for execution of the contract and payment of the first installment.  

This comes despite Deputy Premier John Rau stating in Parliament in July 2015 that the first payment of $45 million should be received in late 2015 or early 2016.  

“The Gillman land deal has delivered no jobs and no money for South Australia and the Labor Government has not been able to provide any more information regarding payment for this land since July last year,” said Shadow Minister for Housing and Urban Development Vickie Chapman.  

“This deal was approved by Cabinet in 2013 and was meant to deliver $135 million to South Australia by 2018, but has so far delivered nothing and we still don’t know when the first payment will be received.  

“There are still more questions than answers regarding the Gillman land deal.  

“We know from multiple Supreme Court judgments, an Auditor-General’s Report and an ICAC investigation that the Weatherill Labor Government failed to properly assess the original proposal for the Gillman land.  

“The Weatherill Labor Government continues to let down South Australians with this poorly structured deal.”