Gillman costs keep skyrocketing

The cost of Jay Weatherill’s botched Gillman land deal has skyrocketed after yet another bill
was revealed to State Parliament yesterday.

Apprentice Labor Leader Stephen Mullighan was forced to embarrassingly admit to State
Parliament that the State Government had spent at least $1.6 million on internal legal fees
associated with the failed Gillman deal.

That is on top of the $2.2 million paid by the State Government to private businesses
involved with Gillman related legal proceedings.

“Adelaide Capital Partners and the Weatherill Labor Government walked away from their dog
of a deal and left taxpayers with the bill,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Not only has Mr Weatherill failed to deliver the 6,000 jobs and $2 billion of investment that
he promised South Australians – he’s left us with the bill!

“As usual Mr Weatherill has refused to take any responsibility for failing to deliver one of his

“It’s time for Mr Weatherill to apologise for this dog of a deal and enthusiastically embrace
the opportunity that now exists for selling the Gillman land via an open and transparent sale

“If Mr Weatherill and his senior Ministers continue to defend their failed deal then they are
unfit to govern.”