Gambling Regulation Review

Ministerial Statement

On 26 September 2016, the former government approved an administrative review of the regulations controlling commercial gambling in South Australia and the appointment of retired Supreme Court judge, Tim Anderson QC, to undertake the review. Today, I table that review in parliament. The review makes a number of conclusions regarding regulatory options for South Australia, the regulatory model, the oversight of commercial gambling and the not-for-profit sector.

Under initiatives announced in the state budget today, the government intends to dissolve the Independent Gambling Authority, with the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner to assume sole responsibility for the regulation of commercial gambling in South Australia. The changes are expected to come into effect on 1 December, and will also include the establishment of a new gambling advisory council, involving both government and stakeholders, who will work collaboratively to address critical gambling-related matters. These decisions have been informed by the conclusions of the review.

As the review contains portions of personally and commercially-sensitive information that were not relevant to the financial conclusions, that information has been redacted. Specifically, the review investigates the roles of the Independent Gambling Authority and Club One in terms of regulation and commercial gambling. The former government provided a copy of the review to the Independent Gambling Authority; however, they did not provide the same procedural fairness to Club One for consideration, which has since been rectified.

I would like to confirm that no action is currently being taken by the government in relation to the conclusions made by Mr Anderson in respect of Club One. The changes announced today, however, will deliver substantial and long-delayed reform to the administration of the gambling industry in South Australia in establishing a single regulator for the commercial gaming industry. I table the report.