Gambling regulation reforms pass State Parliament

The State Government has welcomed passage of legislation to progress important reforms to the way the gambling sector in South Australia is regulated.

Under the reforms, the Independent Gambling Authority will cease operations on December 1 – with all regulatory and policy activity to be undertaken by Consumer and Business Services.

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman said staff at both the IGA and CBS will work together to ensure a seamless transition to the new system on December 1.

“This is about providing the best regulatory environment for both the sector and the community,” Ms Chapman said.

“The review of gambling regulation by former Supreme Court Judge Tim Anderson has highlighted the need for reform, and we intend to deliver.

“This report was kept secret by the former Labor Government, with them refusing to make any changes to gambling regulation in SA, fearful of electoral backlash.

“Within months of becoming Attorney-General I ensured the public release of this report and have begun actioning key conclusions of Mr Anderson.

“These changes will eliminate any doubling up of regulatory and policy functions, and ensure there can be an effective, coordinated response to issues as they arise.”

Attorney-General Chapman said CBS will continue to update licenceholders on how the transition will affect them prior to the December 1 changeover.

“Ultimately, both licensees and the broader community should experience little-to-no difference in operations on December 1 – beyond Consumer and Business Services now being the main point of contact, and not the IGA,” Ms Chapman said.

“Following the change, the Commissioner will be undertaking a broader review of all gambling regulation in SA and other aspects raised in Mr Anderson’s report, including online gambling.”

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