Gambling Administration Bill

Second Reading

I thank the member for Lee for his comments in relation to the advancing of these reforms and some foreshadowed amendments that have been considered since the tabling of these bills. May I add two things to the fulsome matters that need to be looked at. One is the question of online gambling and the commitment, which I make here today on behalf of the government, to ensure that a select committee is presented for parliament's consideration to be established to investigate online gambling in both its application and its current regulation, or inadequacy thereto, what protections we have to deal with vulnerable persons—that includes every 18 year old who is eligible to get a phone account—and how we might manage that in the future.

It is clearly a form of gambling that has its challenges. I commend the commonwealth parliament for recently passing legislation to introduce offences to prohibit other aspects of online gambling. They have undertaken significant studies in this regard. There was some work done by the IGA, which is a body that is now discontinued here in South Australia, and one of our committees in the parliament has been vested with terms of reference to consider. However, it is a serious issue. I agree with the member for Lee that we need to look into this. I would expect that we can prepare terms of reference and look to introduce that for consideration of the parliament early next year so that we can get on with that important work.

The second aspect relates to not only providing support to any future inquiry but also, generally, the public being informed with sufficient data to enable reasonable assessment of what we are dealing with. That publication of data is significantly already provided to the commissioner. It is a question of making sure that it is available in a format to enable public access to it. The agencies that are able to provide these services have the possession of this data. It needs to be provided to the commissioner. He would then be responsible for making it available.

There is just one minor issue on the question of commercial-in-confidence information that may need to be sorted out before that is finalised but, as I have said, my understanding is that agencies have to make provision of this type of information in Victoria, and if they can do it there they can do it here. I simply indicate that I agree that that is a matter which needs to be progressed. We need to have some assistance from the community for them to be informed, to work with us on how we might deal with gambling regulation in relation to the online options. With that, I thank the member for his indication and commend the bills to the house.

Bills read a second time.