Extension of pandemic laws to keep South Australia safe and strong

Measures to protect families, businesses, jobs and the community from the impacts of COVID-19 will be extended under legislation that passed State Parliament today.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said recent developments in Western Australia and the ongoing threat of the coronavirus meant an extension of the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act was needed.

“We’ve learnt in very recent days how quickly things can turn with this virus and how important it is to act quickly and decisively,” Attorney-General Chapman said.

“The extension of this Act means we can continue to respond as necessary and protect the people of South Australia, with the legislative framework that supports measures like hotel quarantine and border closures,” she said.

Provisions to continue under the legislation include;

  • restrictions on rent increases and evictions involving financial hardship due to COVID-19 for residential tenancies, residential parks and supported residential facilities,
  • the use of ‘virtual’ visits to mental health facilities, government-run disability supported accommodation by the Community Visitor,
  • alternatives to requirements for signing and witnessing documents.

“There are also measures to help create jobs and stimulate economic activity by streamlining assessments of certain Crown and essential infrastructure developments,” Attorney-General Chapman said.

“The Bill will also continue to protect those on the front line who are delivering vital health care services.”

This Act will be extended until May 31, or 28 days after the state coordinator chooses to end the relevant emergency declaration, whichever comes first.