Executive level fraud

The State Liberals are demanding Premier Weatherill establishes an audit of all executive level appointments during the life of the Weatherill Government to ensure no more senior public servants have been employed with bogus qualifications.

“The fact three senior public servants have fraudulently gained employment in just one department casts a shadow of doubt over the appointment of all executive level public servants employed by the Weatherill Government,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“The Weatherill Government’s employment vetting processes are not up to scratch and leave open the possibility that very senior public servants have positions they have no right to be employed in. 

“The suggestion that Veronica Theriault wasn’t even subject to a police check before being employed as Chief Information Officer in the Department of Premier of Cabinet is almost beyond belief.

“You can’t run a sausage sizzle at the local school without a police clearance yet apparently the Premier’s own Department doesn’t require a police check before employing individuals to very senior roles paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

“Individuals who have been prevented from taking up jobs because of the Weatherill Government’s woefully slow background checks will be outraged that a public servant earning $240,000 a year wasn’t subject to a police check.

“Equally concerning is the very high likelihood that individuals have been appointed to senior public sector positions for which they are not qualified.

“If the Weatherill Government can’t even ensure that the necessary police checks are in place what faith can there be in its checking of job applicants’ qualifications?

“To be fooled at least three times is a sign of a tired, lazy and incompetent Government.

“There needs to be a comprehensive audit of executive level recruitment to ensure there aren’t more cases of fraud at top of the public sector.”