Emergency Services Assault legislation passes Parliament

The Marshall Liberal Government has today passed legislation through Parliament which will see the strongest penalties in the State’s history for emergency service worker assaults.

The Government has passed the strengthened laws with amendments from the Legislative Council, which include:

  • Including Animal Welfare Workers as a ‘prescribed emergency service worker’ under the bodily fluids offence, as requested by the RSPCA.
  • Introducing new standalone provisions for offences against prescribed emergency service workers, beyond the same offences which are already provided for in the Criminal Law Consolidation Act (CLCA).

“The most important thing the Marshall Government has been focused on throughout this entire debate is protecting all of our frontline emergency service workers and frontline medical staff across the State, Ms Chapman said.

“I have ensured the amended legislation is consistent, applicable and in line with other legislation already enshrined in our criminal laws.

“As a Government, we are always happy to work with the entire Parliament to ensure our laws are in line with community expectations and protects those most vulnerable.

“I’m proud this Government has made this issue a priority and hope that all emergency service workers across our state feel this legislation will both better protect them on the frontline and also ensure justice is served when assaults occur,” Ms Chapman said.

Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services, Corey Wingard said he supports these new laws wholeheartedly.

“Our police are dedicated to protecting the community and they deserve to know they will be protected through strong legislation,” Minister Wingard said.

“I commend the Attorney-General on bringing the strongest legislation to protect police ever to come before this Parliament and I support it wholeheartedly.”