DPP must review penalty for hoon killer

Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman has demanded the Director of Public Prosecution appeal the extremely short sentence handed to the sixteen year-old who killed Nicole Tucker last year.

“An innocent mother was killed by this young man’s reckless hoon driving,” said Ms Chapman.

“While the young man’s chances of rehabilitation should be considered in sentencing, so must the need to protect the public and to punish him for a crime that can never be reversed.

“Ms Tucker’s family will never get their loved one back and the sentence handed to the young man is too short.

 “I am calling on the DPP to appeal the sentence and for Attorney-General to join me in that call.

“We must send a message to people that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated and also that everything that can be done to protect South Australians is being done.”

Ms Chapman said questions must be asked of the State Government regarding the lack of supervision of the young man around the time of the tragic crash.

“The young man involved with this tragic situation was under the Guardianship of the Minister at the time of his offending,” said Ms Chapman.

“Serious questions have to be asked about the circumstances surrounding his living arrangements and lack of supervision.

“We’re not talking about a teenager sneaking out of the house to hang out with their friends; this young man stole a car, travelled at outrageously high speeds, crashed the car and killed someone, and then fled the scene of the crime.”