Does Xenophon support Liberal cost of living policies?

The State Liberals have called on Nick Xenophon to explain whether he supports Liberal plans to cap council rate increases, slash ESL bills and crush Labor’s state bank tax.

“Nick has a lot to say about other people but he avoids committing to policy positions on major issues like council rate capping,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“The Nick Xenophon Team said they supported council rate capping before the 2014 State Election but recently Rebekha Sharkie said she opposed the policy.

“Is Ms Sharkie at odds with her boss, or does Nick secretly oppose council rate capping?”

Important questions for Nick Xenophon to answer:

Does Nick Xenophon support the Liberal policy to cap council rate increases?

Does Nick Xenophon support the Liberal policy to cut ESL bills by $360 million?

Does Nick Xenophon support Labor’s state bank tax?

“South Australians deserve to be shown respect and provided with answers to these very simple policy questions,” said Ms Chapman.