Dodgy dirty diesel deal remains secret

The Weatherill Government’s contempt for South Australians was on full display in Parliament today as Labor refused to release secret evidence regarding the full cost and contractual arrangements for their diesel generators.

“The State Liberals called on the Weatherill Government to come clean with South Australians about the dodgy diesel generator deal, but in Labor’s typical arrogant fashion they refused,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“Today, my motion for evidence regarding the State Government’s procurement of diesel generators, which was heard in camera by the Public Works Committee on 10 August 2017, to be made public, was opposed by this secretive government.

“If the Weatherill Government truly believes their diesel generator deal isn’t dodgy, then they would have backed this motion and revealed how much these generators have cost.

“Instead they refused to be open and accountable by opposing this motion, giving South Australians all the evidence they need about the secretive nature of this government.

“In the shadows of the state election, it is utterly scandalous that the Weatherill Government is refusing to be upfront with South Australians about the details of their diesel generator deal.”