Desal plant anniversary nothing to celebrate

This weekend marks the third anniversary of the opening of Adelaide’s $2.2 billion desalination plant.

The plant has since been mothballed. 

“There is no greater example of a white elephant than Labor’s $2.2 billion desal plant,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“The Weatherill Labor Government is today celebrating the anniversary of Adelaide Oval, but the desal plant anniversary is nothing more than a kick out on the full that Labor would rather forget.

“SA Water has admitted that Adelaide’s mothballed desal plant is costing South Australians $41 million per year despite operating at minimum production.

“Instead of paying $41 million per year to mothball the desal plant, the Weatherill Labor Government could:

  •   Keep the Repat Hospital open and upgrade other suburban hospitals

  •   Employ an extra 400 teachers to educate young South Australians

  •   Slash ESL bills

  •   Cut the price of public transport tickets

“Having an oversized desal plant operating at minimum capacity is a scandalous waste of money.
“Had the Labor Government stuck with the original Liberal proposal of a desal plant half the size, South Australian households would also be paying much less for water today.
Higher water prices also restricts businesses from hiring additional employees and dampens general demand with the local economy which in turn restricts jobs growth.”