Delivering better legal support to victims of domestic violence

Nearly 350 South Australian women have sought support from the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Service since the Legal Services Commission began providing the service in July.

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman said the Government was proud to support such a vital service.

“In an ideal world, a service like this would not be needed – but it’s reassuring to know that when victims of domestic violence need high-quality legal advice, they can find it through this service,” Ms Chapman said.

“Since July, the WDVCAS has provided 161 women with information or referrals to other support services.

“It has also provided legal advice to 93 women, and another 86 women have sought legal advice and representation in court.

“Of the 340 women supported by the service, there were 60 cases transferred from the previous provider and I would like to commend the Legal Services Commission for their work in ensuring the transition has been seamless for clients.”

Attorney-General Chapman said the WDVCAS had taken a number of steps to connect with all South Australian women, including those who did not speak English as a first language.

“WDVCAS solicitors have engaged with clients from seven different culturally and linguistically diverse communities as well as Aboriginal women and a client who required AUSLAN services,” Ms Chapman said.

“This demonstrates just how important this type of support is - these specialist legal services are available and accessible to all South Australian women, and I encourage anyone currently experiencing domestic or family violence to access that support.” 

The WDVCAS provides victims of domestic and family violence with specialist legal support to apply for intervention orders, end tenancy agreements and navigate the processes of the Magistrates court.

“Leaving a violent or abusive partner is incredibly difficult – not only emotionally but logistically,” Ms Chapman said.

“There are so many administrative and legal consequences associated with a relationship breakdown, especially when domestic violence and family abuse are also thrown into the mix and it can be hugely overwhelming for someone in a vulnerable position.

“I’m pleased to say the WDVCAS provides women from all walks of life with that legal support when they need it the most.”

The WDVCAS is on track to support over 800 victims of domestic and family violence each year.

Information about accessing the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Service can be found at

Protecting all South Australians by ensuring domestic violence is not tolerated is a key priority within South Australia’s Justice Agenda: