Court closures will increase waiting times

The Weatherill Labor Government’s decision to close the Holden Hill, Mount Barker, Port Adelaide and Tanunda Magistrates Courts will inconvenience the public and delay victims’ access to justice.

Budget cuts imposed on the Courts Administration Authority by Treasurer Koutsantonis have caused the closures which were announced by the Government a day after the State Cabinet had visited one of the towns.

Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said the magistrates courts were already overworked, with twelve per cent of matters taking longer than a year to finalise.

“Our court system is under enormous stress from an increased workload and is not being supported by the Weatherill Labor Government which is cutting services,” said Ms Chapman.

“These closures will increase the time it takes to process cases and will hurt the public.

“The Weatherill Labor Government’s decision to cut services at the same time they are increasing taxes is a kick in the guts for South Australians.

“If the Attorney-General wanted to keep these courts open, then he could have done so.

“The Attorney-General sits at the Cabinet table when the State Budget is discussed – he signed off on the cuts that have led to these closures.”