Controlling sex offenders

The State Liberals have welcomed the decision by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to appeal Gavin Schuster’s release from custody into a care facility near children’s playgrounds in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. 

“Schuster has proved time and again that he is unable to control his deviant instincts and is not fit to live in the general community,” said Shadow Attorney General Vickie Chapman.

“It should be noted that when Schuster was released in 2008 the court acknowledged he was unable to control his abnormal instincts and that he was at risk of re-offending but stringent conditions of supervision should ensure he was not a danger.

“The community would rightly think Gavin Schuster has had too many chances to rehabilitate already.

“If the appeal by the DPP fails the State Liberals will support amendments to the law to ensure the courts have the power to keep people such as Schuster incarcerated until they no longer pose a threat.

The protection of children outweighs the rights of convicted paedophiles to repeated attempts at rehabilitation in the community.”