Classification Council gets the axe

The Government will seek to disband the South Australian Classification Council under proposed legislation introduced to State Parliament this week.

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman said the scarcity of work required of the Council in recent history demonstrated that there was no real need for the organisation.

“The last decision made by the South Australian Classification Council was in 2011, when it banned A Serbian Film from release in this state at the request of the then-Attorney General,” Ms Chapman said.

“Given this, the fact that the Council’s most recent meeting was held in 2014 and that all functions undertaken by the Council in South Australia are already dealt with by the national body, I see no need to continue operating a separate classification body in South Australia.”

Attorney-General Chapman said that, in addition, the proposed laws would also repeal the Classification of Theatrical Performances Act – which has allowed the Council to also classify a theatrical performance as restricted if that performance is either unsuitable for children or likely to cause offence to reasonable adult persons.

“Since this Act came into effect in 1978, only two theatrical performances – both in the mid-90s – have been classified,” Ms Chapman said.

“No other state or territory in Australia has need for similar legislative provisions and, as there has clearly been no demand for these provisions in over two decades, I am satisfied there is no need to continue with this legislation.”

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