Change of government to bring end to culture of secrecy

In his first public statement as Premier, Jay Weatherill said ‘we want to present a government that is open and accountable’.

On the last parliamentary sitting day before the election, his government has demonstrated yet again how scandalously shallow this commitment was.

This week the Auditor-General presented a report to Parliament about the Riverbank Development in which the government has invested $180 million of taxpayers’ money.

In his report the Auditor-General has been highly critical of the Government’s ‘lack of transparency’ about its deal with the Walker Corporation.

We have asked the Government a series of questions in an attempt to lift the secrecy that has surrounded this project since its inception.

We have asked the Premier and the Deputy Premier questions in Parliament.

But the Government has refused to explain why it entered a legally binding agreement four days before the 2014 election caretaker period when according to the Auditor-General, significant key aspects of the project ‘remained outstanding’.

Nothing has changed over the past four years.

Earlier this year, the Weatherill Labor Government voted against Liberal proposals to hold open ICAC hearings, and provide increased protections for whistleblowers and journalists.

This week the Government has signed an agreement for a dirty diesel generator but won’t reveal the cost.

The Weatherill Labor Government will be remembered for a toxic culture of secrecy which only a change of government can bring to an end.