Bass, Mr Rodney Piers (Sam)


I thank both of the lead speakers to this motion, and support the same, and thank them for also acknowledging Sam's work in the South Australian police force. Certainly, when he came to us in 1993 and sought preselection for the seat of Florey he was perhaps best described as an unconventional candidate. Obviously, his work—not because he was in the police force but because of the nature of his work, including covert surveillance work, the difficult task of dealing with organised crime and his preparedness to go under cover and actually put himself at risk in a number of those circumstances—did mean that he would brush up against a number of national and state agencies of inquiry.

And so, to the best of my knowledge, he is the only Liberal candidate who has ever had a glowing clearance from the then commissioner of police to me as president at the time to endorse his complete clearance of any inquiry, pending or otherwise, in relation to the work, because the very nature of his work was that he had to tread a fine line to protect South Australians to actually be able to do that well and to do it in any circumstance.

Only today I was thinking of Sam when we were dealing with the police powers legislation and thought what a shame it is that he is not here to see the legislation—which the member for Elizabeth and I were traversing this morning—pass to give protections to police officers in a circumstance where such a difficulty arises.

Rest in peace, Sam. You were a challenge as a candidate, you were a hell of a member, but you were an excellent police officer.