Backflip Nick dumps ratepayers

Nick Xenophon’s backflip on council rate capping raises further doubts as to what the former Federal Senator stands for and whether he can be trusted to keep his word.

Nick Xenophon campaigned at the 2014 state election to give the Essential Services Commission the power to limit proposed council rate increases to no more than CPI.

"At the last state election the Nick Xenophon Team campaigned to cap council rates yet today he has sided with the Weatherill Labor Government in supporting sky high council rate hikes," said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

"Nick Xenophon has abandoned ratepayers at the very moment South Australians are struggling with massive cost of living increases from electricity and Jay Weatherill’s Emergency Services Levy.

"Xenophon’s latest backflip raises serious doubts about what other policies the former Federal Senator will abandon after the March state election.

"Nick Xenophon has already abandoned his policy to rid South Australia of poker machines.

"Mr Xenophon was first elected on a No Pokies platform but today he is happy with the number of poker machines in South Australia despite the fact there are more poker machines today than when he was first elected.

"What other policies will be up for grabs in a Labor – Xenophon Government?

"Will Mr Xenophon’s opposition to Weatherill’s State Bank tax survive the state election, what about his promises of greater accountability or cutting the number of state politicians?

"Today’s backflip on council rates also puts Xenophon at odds with his candidate for the State seat of Mawson Hazel Wainwright.

"Ms Wainwright campaigned for restricting council rates to no more than CPI when running for the City of Onkaparinga and continues to support that policy today.

"Mr Xenophon needs to explain if he will be making Ms Wainwright tow the party line."