Assaults hit six year low as SAPOL tackles rising cases of theft

Assaults in South Australia have hit a six year low with 415 fewer victims in 2019, according to new data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The latest Victims of Crime figures also show sexual assaults and murder cases have both significantly decreased. Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman said it was pleasing to see significant decreases in the trend of these crimes. “Today’s ABS data has shown a decrease in assaults, down by 415 victims, a decrease of 61 victims when it comes to sexual assault and a decrease of five victims when it comes to murder. “What is even more pleasing to see is that 2019 was the first decrease in sexual assaults since 2016. “Assault cases are also the lowest they’ve been since 2014,” Attorney-General Chapman said. “This Government has been focused on implementing policies in the domestic and family violence space since being elected, and it’s pleasing to see some of these policies translating to lower rates of crime such as sexual assault. “We are by no means resting on our laurels, only this week we announced more domestic violence beds opening up in our regional areas, and there’s still a lot more work to be done in this space. ”The ABS figures show there’s also more work to be done in relation to other crime categories. In 2019 there was an increase in Other Theft (15.8%), Unlawful Entry with Intent (12.8%) and Motor Vehicle Theft (22.9%)Minister for Police Corey Wingard said although results are disappointing, it’s encouraging to see that SAPOL pre-empted the rise and responded accordingly with Operation Hurricane 2.“Operation Hurricane 2 was launched in early March in response to a spike in theft from homes, businesses and motor vehicles,” Minister Wingard said.“During the operation 1,883 people were arrested and there was a 23.5% reduction in volume crime when compared to the same time last year. “The results of Operation Hurricane 2 confirm that SAPOL’s targeted and intelligence-led approach to policing is helping drive down crime across the state.