ALP’s ‘factional buffoonery’ aired in public

Senior Labor factional player and Federal MP Mark Butler has today taken a swipe at his own colleagues, highlighting that SA Labor MPs are more interested in their own jobs than the futures of South Australians.

“Today’s statements from Left faction powerbroker Mark Butler and key ally of Premier Weatherill amount to open warfare with the dominant Right faction of the South Australian Labor Party,” said Deputy State Liberal Leader Vickie Chapman.

“This factional brawling a matter of weeks out from the state election demonstrates why the Labor Party is not fit to continue governing South Australia.

“Mark Butler has taken a swipe at ‘factional buffoons’, so it begs the question, is he talking about Tom Koutsantonis?

“It’s well known that the Left’s Mark Butler and the ‘Godfather’ from the Right Senator Don Farrell have carved up the South Australian electoral map among their respective factions, and quite frankly South Australians have had enough.

“Gifting Leesa Vlahos the number one spot on Labor’s Legislative Council ticket for her loyalty, despite her dismal ministerial performance, is a classic example of the factional carve up.

“The Parliament of South Australia shouldn’t be the play-thing of the unions and the factional warlords in the ALP.

“Clearly the South Australian Labor Party is more interested in saving the jobs of their state MPs than actually fighting for South Australian jobs.

“The voters of South Australia have their chance to reject this factional buffoonery at the state election.”