$12,000 bill for secret plaza papers

The State Liberals are calling upon the Government to disclose key documents following a
$12,000 bill to receive copies of correspondence between Renewal SA and the Walker
Corporation for the Festival Plaza redevelopment deal.


The Shadow Minister for Housing and Urban Development made requests for
correspondence and documents between Walker and Renewal SA under a Freedom of

Information search to uncover finer details on the shonky deal.

“It has previously taken my office two years to receive one letter and a contract from Renewal SA on this same issue, and now we are facing another anti-transparent measure,”

said Vickie Chapman, Shadow Minister for Housing and Urban Development.

“The public deserve to see this correspondence and be assured no benefit has been given to
either party given the changes that have been made to the development.

The Festival Plaza redevelopment initially included plans for a redesigned car park to
accommodate for the casino and Festival Theatre, however these plans have changed to
allow Walker Corporation to build a 27-storey office building on the same site.

“This project uses $180 million of taxpayer money, so the public deserve to know what has
been going on behind the scenes with this deal,” said Ms Chapman.

“This is yet another example of the secretive Weatherill Labor Government hiding key details
into a lucrative redevelopment project.”

The Minister for Urban Development has declined to make time to be questioned on the
Auditor-General’s investigation into the plaza deal, which is customary once Auditor-General
reports are released to Parliament.

The State Liberals will continue to appeal the $12,000 cost to release the documents.