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Constitution (Electoral Redistribution) (Appeals) Amendment Bill

13 April, 2017

The Constitution Act of 1934 is one of the most important documents that we have in the state, and more will be said about that, I am sure, when members speak on the motion on the 160 years of responsible government of the state, which is on our agenda for consideration. However, from time to time even the constitution is identified as being deficient, sometimes in only a small way, and so it full article as a pdf

ANZAC Day Commemoration (Veterans' Advisory Council) Amendment Bill

12 April, 2017

I rise to speak on the ANZAC Day (Veterans' Advisory Council) Amendment Bill 2017 and indicate that I will be the lead speaker. We will be supporting the bill. There are a number of matters that I wish to raise. Firstly, members will recall that the Premier embarked on a program of disposing of boards and committees that he or his government felt were redundant or no longer appropriate in full article as a pdf

Sentencing Bill

28 February, 2017

I indicate that I am speaking on the Sentencing Bill 2016 and that I will be the lead speaker, and quite possibly the only speaker, and that I wish to make some remarks about this bill. I indicate that the opposition will be supporting the bill, other than amendments in respect of the proposals in relation to home full article as a pdf


16 February, 2017

The last time I stood and talked about the Labor Party's plans to get rid of the honourable member for Croydon and his replacement to become the Labor leader, I was talking about the Hon. Peter Malinauskas. Well, here we are. That was back in December and, despite rumours whizzing around faster than the Premier's wind farms, Labor members said that was not going to happen, that notwithstanding full article as a pdf

Summary Procedure (Indictable Offences) Amendment Bill

16 February, 2017

I rise to speak on the Summary Procedure (Indictable Offences) Amendment Bill 2016 and indicate that I will be the lead speaker for the opposition on this matter and possibly the only speaker. Nevertheless, it is a bill of considerable consequence, and I propose to take some time to outline the opposition's position. Whilst we look to the improvement of the procedures in respect of the processes full article as a pdf


14 February, 2017

I am and, I think, probably the only one. I regret to inform the house that this bill—the second on the reopening of the parliamentary year—is laced with conduct by the Attorney that I consider to be reprehensible and, indeed, a repeat of the contempt for the parliament. In this instance, it is not a question of not giving notice of the bill coming on or wanting to advance it in any full article as a pdf

Labor Government

1 December, 2016

It is the first day of summer and the last day of parliament that we are going to be sitting this year. There may be some surprises coming for the member for Croydon because our corridors are now alive with the rumour that today, when we are planning to pack up our books and leave the chamber for the year, his seat is going to be the receptacle for the new premier. full article as a pdf


1 December, 2016

May I, on indulgence, indicate from the opposition that on these occasions we wish to pay respect to and record our appreciation for those who serve South Australia by working very hard in this parliament. I think there are some 300 people who work directly to support the operation of the parliament and so on these occasions we want to particularly recognise them, and also those who, like us, full article as a pdf

Electoral (Legislative Council Voting) (Voter Choice) Amendment Bill

1 December, 2016

That is not to say that it does not have room for improvement, and the member for Davenport interjected to talk about terms of office and length of time. That may be something that needs to be looked at but, dealing with the issue of harvesting, it seems as though a consideration of the optional preferential models could be explored, and we should explore full article as a pdf


1 December, 2016

I rise to speak on the Electoral (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2016. The parliament has received and dealt with the Electoral (Funding, Expenditure and Disclosure) Amendment Bill 2016. When I say that it has been dealt with, my understanding is that the bill, which related to the new model of public funding for elections and the associated disclosure and expenditure matters, is following its full article as a pdf


17 November, 2016

I rise to speak on the Biological Control (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2016, which essentially makes amendments to our Biological Control Act 1986. Why is this so important? Because the area that has not been canvassed to date by either the proponents of this bill or indeed the opposition's position, as ably presented by the member for Hammond, and taking into account that full article as a pdf


17 November, 2016

I rise to speak to the Electoral (Funding, Expenditure and Disclosure) Amendment Bill and expect to be the only speaker in the opposition. The matter of substance, namely the Electoral Act, the actual law we are amending, relates to the Electoral (Funding, Expenditure and Disclosure) Amendment Act 2013, the effect of which was to provide for the rules and regulations full article as a pdf


17 November, 2016

I move: That this house— (a) acknowledges the contribution of the Defence Reserves Support Council (SA), Air Force, Army and Navy reservists and employers of reservists; (b) acknowledges the contribution of Dr Pamela Schulz OAM as the recently retired chair of the council; (c) congratulates Dr Andrew Cannon AM as the new chair of the council; (d) recognises the full article as a pdf


17 November, 2016

I thank the member for Kaurna for making a contribution and identifying the government's position on this, because clearly it seals the fate of this bill. However, I want to place three things on the record. full article as a pdf


16 November, 2016

I rise to speak on the Death with Dignity Bill 2016. Whilst I think it is rather a misnomer of description of what we are about to do, I indicate that unlike all preceding bills in the time I have been in the parliament that have offered this sanction and protection, I will be supporting the second reading. I indicate to you that, whilst the detail has been outlined by a full article as a pdf
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